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Sales Leadership.

Let us help you create the change you want to see from the inside up.

Here at Optitude  , we help companies like yours accelerate sales performance by focusing on people first, building a culture of growth, personal empowerment, and strength-based leadership.


You know what's possible.

You're building something bigger than you, and you want to see it thrive. Maybe you're just getting things off the ground and you need to put together exactly the right sales team to fuel your business. Or maybe things are growing fast, and you need to scale your sales team to keep up. Or maybe you’ve already surrounded yourself with the best and the brightest, but things are starting to slip, and you need to get the team back on track. Whatever you're facing, when it comes to people and performance, it can be hard to know where to start.

You need long-term solutions, fast.

Is it as simple as finding the right staffing solution? Is it a skill or knowledge deficiency? ...team building? ...performance management? Is it your team’s leadership strengths? ...is it yours? Chances are, it probably feels like all those things, but whatever the problem is, you need to get it figured out right away. And if you’re going to invest in a solution, you want it to be something that sets you and your team up for long-term success.

Lead from the inside up.

We believe that overall sales performance stems from more than just your team’s ability to meet the bottom line. It’s about their ability to feel empowered and fulfilled in their work. People are at their best when they feel like their efforts are moving them towards their professional and personal goals. When they are engaged and excelling, they feel fulfilled. When they feel fulfilled, they perform. It’s that simple. We call it The Inside Up Principle  . Whether you're talking about an organization, or the individuals that make it up, we believe success always starts on the inside.


Fractional Sales

If you’re looking for a proven leader to help assess, fuel and accelerate your sales growth, but you don't have the resources to bring on an executive with the right level of experience, a Fractional Sales Leadership role might be the answer for you. The fractional leadership model has been well established with roles like CFO and COO and this proven concept extends well into other functions like sales and marketing.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

It's common to aim for a thriving culture of excellence that results in the most talented team in your market, but it’s not always clear how to grow and maintain your team over time. In an Executive & Leadership Coaching role, we can help you understand the strengths of your existing team, gain clarity on where you need to bring in additional skill sets, and develop the operational processes to cultivate your talent pool long term.


If it’s not clear what role would be the best fit for where your company is at, or if you just need to draw on the expertise of an experienced outsider, we are always happy to engage in a Business Consulting role to help move your process forward. 


I know that any company that engages Brian professionally will see results... from the janitor to the CEO, he delivers a shift in alignment.

Justin D.