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What is growing from the Inside Up?

We developed the Inside Up Principle around our belief that the key to sustaining consistent revenue growth is for you and your team to simultaneously develop the practices, habits, and growth mindset to keep pace with what your company is becoming. This means that an effective long-term revenue strategy needs to focus as much on building internal capacity as it does on sales performance. Our iterative development process is designed to help you do just that!


We’ll help you reach your sales goals by streamlining your revenue systems:

  • Strategies to define your core customer, marketing and sales processes.

  • Systems to streamline your CRM technology stack and data analysis.

  • Practices to clarify communication, team roles, and governance.


We’ll help you build your long-term potential by defining growth-oriented systems and practices for your business and yourself:

  • Direction to revamp the way you set goals and work toward them.

  • Discipline to help you build practices and habits to support ongoing growth.

  • Development to make sure you’re integrating learning and insight as you go.

IUP Diagram-01.png

The Journal

The Inside Up Principle™ journal offers much more than typical blank notebooks. It was personally and intentionally created to help you achieve your important yearly goals & dreams by setting a clearer direction in your life, creating new practices and habits each day that will positively impact your overall wellness and develop an on-going life learning growth mindset. Use this daily interactive journal to grow from the INSIDE UP and change your habits and life!


The 176-page journal operates on a quarterly system that gets big results. Each one has 5 unique sections with focus on your overall wellness, daily intentions, gratitude, reflection, and on-going learning & personal development.

A 30, 60 and 90-day reflection section allows you to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you can improve, each day, month, and quarter of the year. Lastly, daily pages are offered for prioritizing your days tasks and schedule to help you keep pace with your personal & professional growth.

JournalMockup2 copy.jpg

All of our A5 size journals contain thick paper that doesn’t allow ink to bleed through and make a mess. White paper and black ink allow for easy reading, and entire structure is simply organized with easy-to-understand instructions.

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