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Your Company is growing. Are you?

Optitude™ Growth Academy is a 6-month cohort program, where 1st time Founder’s, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs can build their capacity to grow from the Inside Up!

Grow from the Inside Up

​We developed the Inside Up Principle™ around our belief that consistent long-term growth depends not just on increasing sales PERFORMANCE, but also your CAPACITY to grow—the practices, habits, and the growth mindset that help you keep pace with what your company becomes over time. This program is designed to help you develop both at the same time.


We’ll help you reach your sales goals by streamlining your revenue systems:

  • Strategies to define your core customer, marketing and sales processes.

  • Systems to streamline your CRM technology stack and data analysis.

  • Practices to clarify communication, team roles, and governance.


We’ll help you ramp up your potential by defining your internal growth systems:

  • Direction to revamp the way you set goals and work toward them.

  • Discipline to help you build practices and habits to support ongoing growth.

  • Development to make sure you’re integrating learning and insight as you go. 

IUP Diagram-01.png

Program Overview

This 6-month training program takes a cohort approach, which will pair like-minded Founders, Entrepreneurs and CEOs for virtual classroom sessions and small group workshops. Individuals will also keep a journal throughout the length of the program and meet 1:1 with a coach to keep them on track in applying and implementing the Inside Up Principle™.



Collaborative Diagnosis

90-Minute Session

Before we even get started, we’ll take you through a comprehensive analysis to get clear on what’s holding you back, what you might want to focus on, and if this program might be a good fit.



Context & Foundation

Month 1

In the first 4 weeks of the program, we’ll orient you to the core principles of our methodology, and we’ll help you establish the foundation you need to meet your goals during the program.



Execute, Learn

Month 2-4

In this iterative process we’ll help you implement new strategies, track insights, and adapt in real time so you’ll be able to see and respond to tangible progress on a week-to-week basis.



Future-Proofing Your Growth

Month 5-6

We’ll help you gel the clarity you’ve created through the program into workable systems, and establish the core practices you need to ensure things continue to evolve into the future.

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