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Fractional Sales Leadership

If you’re looking for a proven leader to help assess, fuel and accelerate your sales growth, but you don't have the resources to bring on an executive with the right level of experience, a Fractional Sales Leadership role might be the answer for you. The fractional leadership model has been well established with roles like CFO and COO and this proven concept extends well into other functions like sales and marketing.


In a Fractional Sales Leadership role (FSL, or Interim CSO) we can roll up our sleeves and really dig in with your team. We've done this enough times to be able to recognize all the key patterns, so we can help you get to the bottom of things fast. We’ll help you identify key issues and growth opportunities for your company, we’ll help you prioritize them, and we’ll be intimately involved in executing solutions to make sure you see the results you want to see.


Typical scenarios for Fractional Sales Leadership often include:

  • Strategic Sales Growth

  • Existing Talent Evaluation 

  • Performance management

  • Hiring & Talent sourcing 

  • Team Building & Growth

  • Supportive leadership


Executive & Leadership Coaching

It's common to aim for a thriving culture of excellence that results in the most talented team in your market, but it’s not always clear how to grow and maintain your team over time. In an Executive & Leadership Coaching role, we can help you understand the strengths of your existing team, gain clarity on where you need to bring in additional skill sets, and develop the operational processes to cultivate your talent pool long term.


The most prominent metric of success has become a company’s ability to consistently maintain a thriving talent pool that they can leverage to continually differentiate themselves within the marketplace. Companies that do this successfully are what we call Strengths-Based Organizations, and we can help you become one. 


Optitude   uses the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to help team members at every level of your organization discover and explore their core talents. We then work with your leadership team to develop the operational processes that will take full advantage of those talents, empowering every individual in your company to take ownership of their own growth process, and ultimately achieve the measurable results you’re looking for.



Business Consulting

If it’s not clear what role would be the best fit for where your company is at, or if you just need to draw on the expertise of an experienced outsider, we are always happy to engage in a Business Consulting role to help move your process forward. 


Whatever your sales growth goals are, we’d love to sit down and figure out how our strategic mindset and proven methods for business growth can help you. We’ll leverage our decades of proven leadership expertise and extensive experience with top-ranked fortune 50 companies to help you ask tough questions, identify the relevant insights, and develop the innovation strategies you need to take your organization to the next level. Let's connect today! 

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