What is leading from the inside up?

Whether you're talking about an organization, or the individuals that make it up, we believe success always starts on the inside. We call it the Inside Up Principle®. It means that any tangible change that you want to see in your business needs to start with an internal shift. It can be as simple as helping an individual discover their own core talents, or as broad as advancing a cultural shift toward mutual trust and gratitude to change the way you build business relationships. No matter the scale, leading from the Inside Up is about identifying, inspiring, and cultivating the internal shifts that lead to the external results you want to see. 

A new way of thinking about leadership

In any business, there are four core tenets of long-term success: Identify and hire top talent, build great teams and cultures, grow your people and your business, and inspire excellence to see your vision become reality. It seems simple, but each of these tenets requires a proven process and methodology to be successfully implemented over time. By leveraging over 20 years of learning, growth and top-tier performance, we’ve reverse engineered the key business objectives that it takes to achieve tangible results:

  • Develop individual commitment to a culture of growth

  • Unlock unique talents through personal empowerment

  • Build a culture of strengths-based leadership


These business objectives play a critical role in long-term success for you and your team, but teams are made up of individual people. At the end of the day, an individual’s commitment to collective objectives completely depends on how closely it aligns with their own sense of fulfillment and purpose. So how do you make sure every person on your team is on a path to aligned individual fulfillment? 

By helping your team members develop regular, disciplined habits that cultivate their sense of gratitude, purpose, personal strengths, and goals, you empower them to tap into and utilize the core talents that are unique to who they are. When their unique strengths and talents are being recognized and fully utilized, their work takes on a totally new level of depth and meaning, and more importantly, they start to experience a sense of integration between their personal and professional goals—fulfillment! 

When you start to see the broad cultural shift that happens when an entire team operates from this kind of profound personal alignment… well, the results speak for themselves. 

Let us help you lead your team from the inside up! 

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