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Building a big idea into a 

business has its challenges.

A lack of Sales Expertise 

shouldn't be one of them.


Here at Optitude, we help emerging companies like yours accelerate your sales growth before you have the in-house team to do it for you.

You’ve got the big vision. That's plenty. 

Few things are more frustrating than knowing your business is ready for the next level and struggling to make time to push it there. Up to now, you’ve probably been the best one to sell what you’re doing, but between running the company and keeping your work on the cutting edge, there’s not a lot of bandwidth left to focus on sales these days. So you're looking for help.

Big-picture thinking and boots on the ground. 

You might need someone to handle the day-to-day sales stuff, sure. But you also need the strategic guidance to make sure your passion and expertise are translating into how your business grows—to develop market insights and adapt your sales plan as you go. Man... if you could only find someone to do both.

That’s where we come in.

At Optitude we offer strategic sales leadership in a nimble structure that fits where your business is at. Our model allows us to roll up our sleeves and dig in, taking care of the day-to-day sales stuff while we help you build the long-term growth strategies your business deserves. The best part is we can free you up to focus on what you really do best: everything else. 

Collaborative Diagnosis

All our programs start with a 90-day Collaborative Diagnosis process to asses where your company is at. We'll help you and your team define key growth opportunities and identify potential barriers, and we'll develop high-level recommendations for a forward plan. Most importantly, we’ll all get a sense for whether our long-term services might be the right fit.

Business Development

Fractional Business Development Consulting is the most effective high-touch method for us to dig in and help you implement the sales growth you want to see. Using key insights from our Collaborative Diagnosis, we’ll work directly with your team to design and execute a sales process, integrate key learnings in real time, and accelerate your sales growth as efficiently as possible. 


Advisory Consulting is a great way to get started if the cost or commitment of long-term services are not the right fit for where you’re at. In an advisory role, we’ll establish a regular meeting schedule and stay engaged with your team to provide strategic guidance and help you iterate on your process as you implement your forward plan.


I know that any company that engages Brian professionally will see results... from the janitor to the CEO, he delivers a shift in alignment.

Justin D.
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