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Building your capacity for

Are you a first-time entrepreneur in the B2B space?

Are you generating $500K-$5M ARR, and less than 20% growth year to year?

Are you a CEO who's personally handling revenue & business development?

Perfect. Let’s Talk.

Here at Optitude™, we help companies like yours build the sales systems you need to generate consistent revenue growth, and the internal capacity you need to know it’s sustainable.

Your vision
s got legs.

You've made it past the start-up stage where 90% of businesses don't. You know your product, you know your customer, you've got traction, and you're ready for things to take off. But for a million reasons—limitations on time, bandwidth, resources, your team’s expertise, you name it—it’s just not happening the way you want it to. Few things are more frustrating than knowing your business is ready for the next level and struggling to actually push it there.

We believe big change starts on the inside.

About Optitude
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Your company is growing. Are you?

When you know your business is ready for the next stage of growth, it’s only natural to focus on your sales strategy. But after 20 years of working in sales leadership with companies ranging from start-ups to top-tier fortune 50 companies, we know that consistent, sustainable growth is not just about implementing the right sales plan. You also need to make sure you and your team are growing yourselves—increasing your internal capacity to keep pace with where your company is headed.

That’s where we come in.

At Optitude™ our model allows us to roll up our sleeves and dig in, helping you and your team build the sales strategies you need to meet your goals, while at the same time helping you and your team build the capacity you need to trust you can keep it up down the road. 


We call it the Inside Up Principle and it drives everything we do. 

Insde Up

Here’s how it works...




Collaborative Diagnosis

90-Minute Session

Before we even get started, we’ll take you through a comprehensive analysis to get clear on what’s holding you back, what you might want to focus on, and if this program might be a good fit.



Context & Foundation


In the first 4 weeks of the program, we’ll orient you to the core principles of our methodology, and we’ll help you establish the foundation you need to meet your goals during the program.



Execute, Learn


In this iterative process we’ll help you implement new strategies, track insights, and adapt in real time so you’ll be able to see and respond to tangible progress on a week-to-week basis.



Future-Proofing Your Growth


We’ll help you gel the clarity you’ve created through the program into workable systems, and establish the core practices you need to ensure things continue to evolve into the future.

What it sounds like to work with Optitude...